Sprayed At U.c. Berkeley Riot

America is witnessing the "essence of tyranny" as rioting and looting sweeps cities amid the nationwide protests against.

6 Feb 2017.

Last week's riot at University of California Berkeley has raised some big.

Another was pepper-sprayed by a masked individual after giving an.


spraying tear gas on students and antiwar protesters in Cal's Sproul Plaza on.

the Campanile — the unofficial symbol of the UC Berkeley campus — helped.

police while on the rooftop of Granma Books on May 15, during a protest over.

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21 Nov 2019.

Hundreds of protesters encircled Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley.

Hall, and police in riot gear guarded the main entrances to the building all.

One day after the American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina demanded an explanation and apology from area law.

28 Aug 2017.

Several fights broke out during largely-peaceful protests in Berkeley Sunday afternoon after about 4000 people converged on the city, police said.

by a mob of demonstrators who took swings at him and pepper sprayed him.

Milo Yiannopoulos Speech Protests Turns Violent at UC BerkeleyUC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray to move Occupy UC Davis protesters.

the rights of our students, faculty and staff to engage in nonviolent protest.”.

Yudof's statement also referenced footage of UC Berkeley police striking.

By Elizabeth Castillo, From CalMatters: The National Guard — now deployed to some California cities where property damage and.

Los Angeles has been one of America’s reference points for racial unrest. This time protesters are bringing their anger to.

After a weekend of chaos, protesters in South Carolina marched again Monday, as businesses struggled from the combined.

15 Apr 2017.

13 Arrested At Berkeley Protest – Berkeley, CA – The situation in.

were also been numerous reports of pepper spray being used in the crowd.

See photos of the protests around the nation.] And so, Californians in cities large and small joined the protests. Many of.

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